Christmas came early this year, Why is that?

A study conducted by EMR (Entertainment Media Research) in 2009, showed that Christmas music during holiday shopping influences over 95% of Americans to Buy and Spend more. Why is that?
Put simply, Christmas music puts us all in that festive mood which then prompts us to spend more. It’s a constant reminder of Christmas shopping and all the things that we need to buy to prepare for Christmas. And so we walk around buying and spending more than we would usually, eyes peeled for the perfect Christmas presents for our friends, family and even our co-workers. Now amongst the 95%, 4 out of 10 said that they would prefer to shop where Christmas music was playing than the music that they would usually enjoy while shopping. The research also showed that 85% of consumers agree that Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Christmas music. Approximately three quarters of the survey respondents said that hearing their favorite Christmas songs playing in the background when they’re shopping helps them to get into the festive spirit. 1 in 4 even admitted that they reckon they’re probably more generous when it comes to gift-buying if they like the Christmas music playing in the background.
Does this survey answer the true question of why Christmas came so early in 2015? Are suppliers becoming impatient for higher sales by creating Christmas ads nearly 2 months in advanced? Will the continued trend of Black Friday (which begins on Wednesday now*) that diminishes the Thanksgiving spotlight allow us to forget the true meaning of Holiday’s? Has Christmas become more about spending MONEY than spending TIME with the one’s we love? That is a question we must answer amongst ourselves. The next time you’re listening to “Jingle Bells” how will it influence you?
At Feel The Beat Entertainment, we play Christmas music at our Holiday parties – They start in December!!!
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