5 Ways To Spice Up Your Festival

Festival season is fast approaching. Will you be attending a festival this spring, or are you hosting your own? The choices are limitless, music festivals, art festivals, food festivals, and the list goes on. We’ve got 5 ways that are sure to spice up your next fest!

1. Hire a Ring Roamer. A Ring Roamer is a “mobile photo booth”. It allows people to have super cool pictures taken anywhere at your event. No matter how large the crowd the Ring Roamer can maneuver through it and get candid pics of your attendees.

2. Book a Photo Booth. Though a Photo Booth is stationary, it offers great value and fun to your event! Festivals are filled with all kinds of people who are attending to have fun. Customize your backdrop with your event logo, that way when people share their awesome pictures you logo will be shared with it! Also, who doesn’t love fun props!

3. Have a Silent Disco. A Silent Disco is where participants listen to music played by a DJ through headphones and dance. Request that the headphones have several channels so that participants have several song choices. A Silent Disco is great because no on else hears the music, only the participants. So, it’s not a distraction to anything else going on.

4. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. It makes all the difference. Think about being at a Disco with no lights, that wouldn’t be very fun. Add colorful lights throughout your festival to set the mood.

5. Game Shows. You might not think of having a game show at your festival but it’s always a crowd pleaser. There are plenty of great options like Minute To Win It, Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune or a simple game of trivia to keep your attendees having fun.

If you are interested in spicing up your festival, we can assist you with all of these! Click HERE for more info!