4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue

So you’re recently engaged… what next? Choosing a venue is probably on the top of your list, but it might not be as easy as you think. There are many factors to consider when picking the perfect venue. These are a few that we think are important.

1. Mobility: Scope each venue out to make sure that they can easily accommodate your guests. Take a good look at your guest list. If you have someone in a wheelchair or a larger number of elderly guests, a venue with a large staircase might not be the best option. Most venues offer elevators but you must also keep in mind the layout of the room. Choose a space that is large enough to space tables appropriately so that guests can move at ease throughout the venue.

2. Indoor/Outdoor: Consider the time of year you plan on having your wedding. Choose and indoor or outdoor space suitable for the season. You don’t want your guests sitting in the freezing cold or melting in 90 degree weather.

3. Inclusions: Nothing is better than a one stop shop. Check to see what each venue includes, tables, chairs, linens etc. Weigh your options. Would it cost your more or less to rent those items at another venue?

4. Preferred Vendor List: Preferred vendor lists can be both good and bad. They can be good in that if a venue has a preferred list, those people have won over the venues trust with timeliness and quality of their product. It can be bad in that the vendors they use might be far to expensive to stay within your budget.

We hope that these tips will be helpful in your journey to find the perfect space for your dream wedding. If you need additional help with lighting, DJ, or Photo Booth, we would love to help you! Contact us here and tell us about your big day! We can help to customize it to your liking.