10 Songs That Turn 20 This Year

10 Songs That Turn 20 This Year

Happy New Year! We are in the business of music. When we are out at events, we get asked to play songs from different decades. People don’t just want to listen to current music, they like to hear songs from their past. It brings about a feeling of nostalgia. Here are a list of 10 songs that turn 20 years old this year! Talk about a blast from the past, do you remember these?

Baby One More Time- By: Britney Spears

The Boy Is Mine- By: Brandy and Monica


I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- By: Aerosmith 

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It- By: Will Smith

Believe- By: Cher

One Week- By: Barenaked Ladies 

Ray Of Light- By: Madonna 

Stop- By: Spice Girls

Everybody- By: Backstreet Boys

Hard Knock Life- By: Jay-Z

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