6 Steps to a Better Holiday Party

Have you been given the assignment to plan a company party?  Let us help with our planning experience.

So….Where do you start.  That’s a good question – so here we go.

Step 1. Pick The Location
Location….Location…Location.  That’s right, just like in Real Estate buying or leasing, a poor location for the party can hinder attendance.

– Is parking easy?
– Is it easy to find?
– Does it match the style and level of professionalism you and your co-workers want?
– Can it handle the number of guests you are anticipating?
– Does the space have a good flow from Bar to Buffet to Dance Floor?
– Do they do their own catering or do they allow outside caterers?

Step 2. Pick The Food / Caterer
Food…Food…Food…  Some locations have their own catering built in to the pricing per head.  Some allow outside caterers.  So make sure you look at locations that match your need.  If you have a favorite caterer and you choose a location that does not allow them to work there, then you are stuck without your preferred caterer.

– Can you pick your menu?
– Can you do a food tasting in advance of the party?
– How much food do you prepare?
– Can we take home leftovers?

Step 3. Decide On The Bar
The Bar…..Bar….Bar….  In our present times, we have to be more careful than ever when we have an open bar for employees and their guests.

– Is it Beer and Wine only?
– Do we get to pick the brands?
– Liquor – Yes or no?
– Do we do drink tickets or just an Open Bar?

Step 4. Decide on Giveaways / Rewards / Recognitions
This is a great time to reward employees.  Some companies give away some big ticket items like TV’s, some get vendors to donate prizes, some give a way a few or a lot of gift cards – it’s up to you.

– Are you going to give away a grand prize?
– Can guests of employees win the prizes?
– Are you going to do rolled tickets?
– Are going to ask guest to write their name on a piece of paper?
– Who is going to give the prizes away?

Step 5. Pick Your Entertainment
A DJ is not just a DJ.  A band is not just a band. A great DJ/Band will keep the party going – a Bad DJ/Band can cause everyone to leave early – A proven fact!

– Is the DJ/Band experienced in working corporate events?
– What kind of music is going to be played?
– Is the DJ/Band going to be the MC of the event?
– Will the DJ/Band be taking a break?
– Do I need to feed the DJ/Band?

Step 6. Extra’s to Make the Party a Hit!
What are you planning on decor, lighting, ambiance to take the party to the next level?

– A Photo Booth – Create a party favor your guests can take home with them plus your guests love to watch other guests having fun! You can put your company logo on it  – it’ll be on refrigerators of years to come!
– Project your company logo on the dance floor – a wall or at the main entrance.  It creates awareness of how cool your company is!
– Uplighting is a great way to make a room come to life – use your company colors and make it awesome!
– Video Screens for slideshows – An entertainment company can bundle sound / AV  / Production and save you money!
– Table centerpieces – Get a good florist / designer to create something special or unique.

The Overall goal is to create a party so fun, filled with extras and excitement that your employees and their guests can’t wait to go.  Our party planners at Feel The Beat have planned and entertained at thousands of events.  We have the experience you need to help make your party a success.

Call today and set up a time to discuss your party and we’ll help you make it the party of the year!