Want to join Feel The Beat? 

The life of the party – is that you? Can you talk to anyone? When you walk into a room – do people say “He’s here!” Or “There She is!!!”

We can teach you how to be a great DJ but we can’t give you a personality – you have to bring that to the table.

We need interactive outgoing fun DJ’s who want to make people laugh, dance, get up and have fun!

If that is you, fill out the form on this page.


How much will I make?
It depends on a few factors, but never less that $150 per event. Some events pay upwards of $350-$500.

Do I need my own gear?
No, we supply you with everything you need. But if you have gear, We’d be glad to take a look at it to see if it is up to par with our presentation.

How often will I work?
Depends on how good you are, how many events we have. Some of our top established DJ’s work every single weekend and some weekday events.


– Good clean appearance
– Reliable transportation capable of carrying small PA system and ability to lock it up while transporting.
– Ability to lift 40 lbs
– Weekends free to work and some weekdays if needed – we work around school and work schedules.
– Good work ethic – you will do what you say your gonna do!