Corona At Home Entertainment Options

Hi and welcome to the Feel The Beat Entertainment Interactive Coranavirus Stay at Home Party Page!!!

We at Feel The Beat want to help you, your friends and family, and coworkers  have a little fun while in quarantine. So, we have come up with some options to help have some fun!

OPTION 1 – Music Bingo! – 50 Players
Pricing starts at $150.

This is an interactive game where we send a unique digital bingo board to each of those who are playing the game. Then, we play music clips of popular fun sing-a-long songs everyone knows.  If you have the song on your board, you mark it off just like in regular bingo! But, this is A LOT more fun because we play fun songs everyone knows!  It inspires to sing and even dance in your own home!

OPTION 2 – A Scavenger Hunt! – $100 for up to 50 players
We suggest 25 players or less at a time to see the game go fast.

This is where we host a group of “contestants” to collect a list of items and narrow it down to a winner! It’s an interactive and fun game – not just your basic scavenger hunt! We throw in some MAJOR curve balls to make it even more fun!

Each Option is based on number of players and contestants and availability.  Please call and we can go over options and put a package together for your party!